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Now What?

Updated: May 8, 2022

The country is exploding with protests by those who want a federally guaranteed right to dismember preborn babies. The pro-life movement is holding their collective breath that the draft decision will come through to help women avoid the pain of abortion and give their babies a chance to live. And the question every pro-life person must be asking themselves, is, “What now?” We believe there are three simple answers to this question…

1. Continue the Great Work:

The work of the pro-life movement is nothing short of sacrificial love. Of course, that is not what the media and the opponents of preborn life say, but for those who spend each day helping women, caring for families, and supporting those in the greatest need, we know pro-life work is pro-love work. And this MUST continue. You know your work matters, and, as cliché as it is, it really does matter more now than ever. We must continue helping, loving, exposing, and striving in the work we have always done. Lives still need saved and women and families still need support.

2. Cooperate between Silos

The pro-life movement traditionally has been divided into five areas of action; political (RTLs), relational (PRCs), confrontational (in front of abortion clinics), religious (churches) and personal. Clearly there is overlap between these groups but Heritage House works with ten thousand pro-life organizations and we have seen the negative impact of isolated approaches. The pro-life movement has an opportunity now to join together in a bold movement by tearing down false-dividers and moving forward as a unified cause. This simple idea is often very controversial when put into practice but we will have the greatest impact only by building a strong coalition across the great works of the pro-life movement.

3. Capture the Moment

This is a unique moment in time that may be turned toward the cause of life but only if we capture it through clear, compassionate, and public displays of the pro-life message. Polls have shown, again and again, that the majority of the public holds pro-life views. But their voices are hidden because the opposition is loud, angry and powerful. But we must make the pro-life stance common to see and acceptable to be. We need to display, publicly and proudly, the value of mothers, preborn babies, the elderly, and the family.

OK, How?

The details of the “how” are built around the simple idea of “stretching.” This draft decision gives us an opportunity to go beyond, to do something more, to build something even greater. The work we have set before us requires a diverse approach with a unified message that captures this cultural moment’s opportunities. While that buzz-word-filled sentences may sound like a pie-in-the-sky marketing poster, we believe it is truly time to “s-t-r-e-t-c-h” in very specific and real ways. Will these be easy? Nope. Will they save lives? Yes. Can we make a real difference? Absolutely, without a doubt, yes.

1) Get ready. Heritage House is building new campaigns and platforms to reach the public. Details on these will be launching soon, but it will include a new ministry to connect pro-life donors to thousands of public pro-life projects around the nation. We believe in this so much we are pledging $100,000 to fund fair and college booths, install road-side banners, distribute pro-life information, and complete any project that normalizes the pro-life message. We are also bringing the new 50/64 project to thousands of communities and hope to re-ignite the conversation around pre-born life. These are a few of the projects we are working on, but each organization needs to prepare to reach their community in their own new ways. That bring us to the second stretch:

2) Reach out. Go to other pro-life groups around you and ask, “How can we support you?” or “How can we work together?” Again, it is likely your organization has partnered with others in the past, but there are traditional coalitions and traditional no-go partnerships; and the movement needs to go bigger. For example, start a monthly meeting between ALL pro-life groups in your state so you can cooperate and stretch together. Be the pro-life glue that binds around the core desire to save and change lives, and then come up with projects that all can get behind. A great way to start is to ask groups you haven’t asked before how you can help THEIR events be successful. Grow that coalition past the traditional relationships.

3) Go public! Make your campaigns into a reality. Get your fair booths reserved, partner with pro-life clubs to sponsor tables at universities, hold your rallies, attend health fairs, start a yard sign campaign, speak at churches and [gasp] get pro-life stickers on cars. Ok, you have heard all of that before, and you have probably done some of them, but this is stretch time. This is time to say, “What can we do to reach the general public like never before?” Each organization has their own reach and their ability to get the message out; even if your organization has a client-centric focus. This opportunity, when the general public is talking about the pro-life message, must be grasped and that can only be done with the pro-life movement moving!

The First Step

We will be bringing many specific projects and ways to move forward but you will have the best ideas for your community. Bring together the pro-life fold and start talking; what can we all do to forward the pro-life viewpoint as individuals and organizations? We have been given this time for a reason, and we need to use it well. We are here to help. Feel free to write me with ideas or questions and expect more from us soon.

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