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Mobile Phone

What We Do

Infinite Worth creates relationships via text and phone calls between nurses and those considering abortion. Our pro-life nurse text line is available 24-hours a day 7 days a week providing care, referrals, and accurate information that empowers women to make the choice for life.

How It Works

Abortion pills are available by mail in every state; the need to reach women in the moment of decisions on their phones has never been greater. Infinite Worth is creating a nurse chat line to reach the hearts, minds and souls of those facing this difficult decision.  Our trained nurses answer texts from around the nation with love, concern and information that will make a difference. We work with local pregnancy centers to provide ongoing care and ensure that each client is loved and helped in every way possible.

Women are able to find our chat because we partner with hundreds of pregnancy centers and answer their online chats for them when they are unable to be open. We need your help to provide this service. Can you donate $25 to help a woman in need speak to a pro-life nurse?

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