Public Pro-Life Projects

There are two limiters on our activities; time and money. Many may have time, but don't have the funds. Others may have funds that could be used for the pro-life message, but don't have the time. Infinite Worth brings these two groups together to get the pro-life message out to the nation.

You can sponsor student hand-outs, fair booths, banners installed on a farmer's land, and yard signs through-out the nation by donating below. 100% of your donation will be used to take the pro-life message public and you will hear back on every project your donations are making possible.

Do you have a project to make the pro-life message more public? You can submit that here.

Infinite Worth is applying for a 501(c)3 to make donations deductible.

Sponsor the Pro-Life Movement

  • Pro-Life Initiator

    Every month
    Support one booth to reach hundreds!
  • Pro-Life Encourager

    Every month
    Spread the pro-life message to hundreds!
  • Pro-Life Transformer

    Every month
    Sponsor a PRC to text abortion-minded clients.
  • Pro-Life LifeChanger

    Every month
    Reach thousands with multiple sponsored projects.
  • One Time Donation

    Move the pro-life conversation public and save babies!
  • One time donation

    Take the pro-life message public with your sponsorship.