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Our Beliefs

Our Values

  • Integrity 

  • Respect

  • Relevance

  • Faith

  • Excellence

Statement on Abortion

It is our position that every abortion claims an innocent life.

We are painfully aware of the trauma surrounding pregnancies related to rape, incest, deformities of the developing child, and/or health risks to the mother. We exist, in part, to provide helpful intervention in such cases, but we do not find abortion to be either effective or morally acceptable as a method of reducing such trauma.

In those extremely rare cases where continued pregnancy is expected to precipitate the mother’s immediate and literal death, we encourage the parties involved to prayerfully consider the gravity of their decision and the merit of available alternatives. 

Statement on Birth Control

For far too long, the emphasis has been on birth control instead of self-control and personal responsibility. We believe that sex can only be safe and loving within the context of a permanent, marital relationship and that, outside of this context, self-control is the best option.


So long as people engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage, there will continue to be great numbers of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and broken lives.


Much of the difficulty encountered in confronting the problems of promiscuity and out-of-wedlock pregnancy stems from a paradox engendered by the birth control establishment. Though people are taught that sex outside of marriage is inconsequential, they sense its profound significance and so feel both permission and a deep desire to become sexually active. This has produced ever–higher rates of out-of-wedlock sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, and disease – the very problems that expensive, tax-funded programs promised to prevent.


Furthermore, married couples who are considering whether or not to use any method of family planning are encouraged to review the many options with a like-minded physician.


Our staff does not refer or provide birth control.

Statement of Principle

We are determined to reach clients where they spend their time, in the moment of need, in the way they feel most comfortable. This is how we “go unto all the earth.” 


We believe that relationship is the conduit through which love is shared with the clients no matter the timing, communication channel, or circumstances. This is how we effectively “love our neighbor.”


We believe in the power of continued relationship through local pregnancy centers and it will be enhanced with seamless client transfers. This is how we honor the body of Christ. 


We believe that all humans are infinitely valuable from the moment of conception onwards and that they are created with a dignity given to them by their creator. This is how we honor God’s creation.


We believe that, in all cases of unintended pregnancies, a solution should be sought which equally values the mother and unborn child and allows them both to live and thrive. We will never recommend, facilitate, or refer for abortion or abortifacients. This is how we are called to “aid the least among us.” 


We believe that we should do all things for the glory of God and that each of us should use whatever gift we have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in a way that shows God’s Truth and Love. We are called to counsel and redirect with compassion, gentleness, and respect, keeping a clear conscience and always telling the truth. We are to love one another as Jesus Christ loved us. This love is patient and kind, not insisting on its own way, not arrogant, not rude, but rejoicing in the truth. This is how we submit to God’s will in our actions.


We are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ without passing judgment on disputable matters and receiving those whose faith is weak without offending. However, we should always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks the reason for the hope in salvation that we have. This is how we serve God.

Statement of Culture

The team members at Infinite Worth work together to redirect the abortion vulnerable from fear–to knowledge–to hope by providing tools and resources which point toward the right and Godly choice. This mission is accomplished through a team culture that values both truth and love in our internal and external interactions.


Our team members value each other based on the truth that all are of equal infinite value according to God’s sacrifice. This truth expresses itself in love that is slow to take offense, quick to forgive, and always considering what is best for each other. We value truthful interaction that is marinated in loving concern and look for ways to challenge each other in fulfilling our mission.


Our team members also value our partner centers as we seamlessly redirect the abortion vulnerable to their care.  We partner with other pro-life organizations by providing professional services that make an impact both now and for eternity. We show our partners concern, compassion, understanding, and excellent service because we are struggling together to bring God’s love and truth to this world.


Finally, we recognize the importance of our work as we come under God’s teaching that each human being is valuable. We know the infinite worth of the unborn, the inherent beauty of each mother, the importance of every father, and the value of the elderly soul. We work together in grace and truth to save and change lives because each life is valuable to God.

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