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12 Women Considering Abortion Right Now!

As I am having my quite time on the porch this morning, I am watching and praying for the nurse chat. "We currently have 12 women considering abortion engaged in conversations with our dedicated nurses and centers. Your prayers are invaluable for our incredible first responder nurses, providing support and strength.

Additionally, we have numerous centers eagerly awaiting the financial means to onboard more nurses. Your thoughtful contribution of any amount today can make a significant impact. It has the power to sustain one of these crucial conversations, establishing a pre-relationship that guides women to our partner centers. Statistics show that when connected with our nurses first and then our partner centers, women are three times more likely to choose life.

Consider sponsoring one of these transformative conversations today! Your partnership plays a vital role in saving both a mother and a child from the pain of abortion.

Here is the link to Donate

With Great Appreciation,

Rachel Owen, CEO of Infinite Worth

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The babies are safer asleep in the grave than with a woman who could even consider killing them. A woman keeping the unwanted baby because of the inconvenience of care is already lost. Help her fix her heart. Father forgive her for she knows not what she's doing. (From the Cross) Jesus loves you more than your mom, but not by much. The baby is not the issue, it's SIN which equals the eternal death of the mother not the baby. They'll be fine. God designed it that way.

Replying to

Why do these arguments always go all or nothing? Because a woman doesn’t kill her baby doesn’t mean the baby won’t be loved. There’s this brand new thing called adoption, and actually there are waiting lists years long of parents desperate to adopt. These babies have loving homes waiting for them. There is never a good reason to justify killing an innocent baby.

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