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Abortion pills on her nightstand

She stood at a crossroads, abortion pills on her nightstand, the weight of grief heavy on her heart. The year had dealt her blow after blow—losing her husband, their home, and moving in with her grandparents with her little ones. A brief encounter with someone who didn't want to be a father left her feeling more alone than ever.

Sitting on her bed, she contemplated those pills she had ordered, knowing that life was growing inside her. She felt utterly isolated, until she stumbled upon a Pregnancy Clinic website offering a live chat with a nurse. Desperate for guidance, she connected with the Infinite Worth nurse, who gently advised her to get an ultrasound before taking any pills. After chatting and scheduling an appointment, she finally found some much-needed rest.

Early the next morning, she dropped her kids at school and headed to the clinic, where compassion flowed freely. The ultrasound revealed a beautiful 10-week-old baby, and she knew she couldn't go through with the pills. The clinic's nurses assured her of her strength and vowed to support her.

Leaving the clinic, she resolved to carry and raise this precious life, knowing it was a gift from God. That night, the baby's father came over, pressuring her to take the pills. After asking him to leave, she found herself once again in front of those pills. Feeling isolated, she reached out to the nurse from Infinite Worth, the chat line she had spoken to the night before. With gentle encouragement, she flushed the pills down the toilet.

It costs only $25 per chat for our nurses to have these crucial conversations, providing assistance to women in their most vulnerable moments, saving lives and offering hope.

Can we count on you to sponsor one of these chats today?

Your $25 can make a world of difference in a woman's life when she feels all alone, with abortion pills on her nightstand.

With Ardent Admiration and Appreciation,

Rachel Owen

Infinite Worth CEO

Psalm 127

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