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Can my mom and dad force me to have an abortion?

This is a question that came through the Infinite Worth Nurse Chat this morning.

Discovering an unplanned pregnancy can be a whirlwind of emotions for any young woman. The confusion, fear, and uncertainty are only heightened when she feels pressure from her family to make a decisions her heart is not inline with. In such a situation, seeking guidance becomes crucial and because of your support our nurses were there for this young woman early this morning. Filled with questions and concerns, she turned to the Infinite Worth pro-life nurse chat, seeking answers to a pressing query: "Can my mom and dad force me to have an abortion?"

The nurses were able to gently guide her with support and compassion. They also send her a series of 3 minute video's that went over some of the helpful information I have shared with you below.

"The immediate aftermath of sharing such news with your family can be challenging for everyone involved. It's essential to allow a few days for emotions to settle before delving into discussions about the future. Oftentimes, families, after processing the initial shock, soften and begin to support the young woman in her pregnancy journey.

However, not every family response is a positive one. Some may persist in pressuring the individual to undergo an abortion against her wishes, leading to a period of pain and difficulty. In these instances, it's crucial to remember that legally, family members cannot force someone, even if they are under the age of eighteen, to have an abortion.

Support is available, and reaching out to organizations and resources can make a significant difference. Local pregnancy resource centers, for example, are dedicated to empowering and educating young mothers, providing guidance on parenting and offering assistance in acquiring necessary baby items.

For those who may need a more comprehensive solution, maternity homes can be a refuge. These homes not only offer a place to live but also support young women in continuing their education while helping them navigate the challenges of pregnancy. Post-birth assistance is often available as well, ensuring a smoother transition into motherhood.

In the face of an unplanned pregnancy, it's important to know that there are resources, support networks, and legal protections in place. Every woman has the right to make decisions about her own body and future. By exploring available options and seeking support, young women can navigate this challenging journey with resilience and strength, ensuring the best outcome for both themselves and their unborn child."

Your financial partnership today could bring these truths to a young women in need of support, information and compassion tomorrow!

With appreciation,

Rachel Owen CEO

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