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He Lost His Job

In the face of adversity, this couple's journey took a remarkable turn. With her husband losing his job and health insurance, she began to feel unwell, prompting her to schedule an appointment at the local Pregnancy Center. Having experienced this situation before with their three wonderful children, she knew she could receive a free pregnancy test and explore the center's early prenatal care services.

Keeping her concerns hidden from her husband initially, she wanted to confirm her pregnancy before discussing it with him. At the center, she underwent an ultrasound, revealing the presence of a beautiful baby. She expressed her strong pro-life sentiment to the staff, cherishing her role as a mother. Leaving the pregnancy center, everything seemed well.

However, that night, when she showed her husband the ultrasound pictures after dinner, he was overwhelmed by the financial strain of providing for their family, even more so with the prospect of another child. He asked her to schedule an appointment for an abortion. Reluctantly, she did so, but she then was drawn to the 24/7 nurse chat widget on the pregnancy center's website.

Initiating a conversation with the nurses, she explained her situation, having already visited the center and seen her baby on the ultrasound. She shared her deep financial concerns. The nurses on the chat provided reassurance, assuring her that if she returned to the pregnancy center and discussed her financial situation, they would provide support to help her and her husband navigate these challenges.

The day before her scheduled appointment at Planned Parenthood for the abortion, she returned to the pregnancy center. A comforting visit with the center's staff led both her and her husband to a profound decision—they couldn't go through with the abortion. Their time with the nurse on the chat and the support of the pregnancy center staff bolstered their faith and inner strength, convincing them that they had the resilience to face this challenge.

With renewed determination, they shared the news of the new addition to their family with their older children, embarking on a journey filled with hope, faith, and unwavering love.

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