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Infinite Worth: Empowering Women in Their Hour of Need

Infinite Worth is an organization driven by the mission to provide immediate support and information to women facing unplanned pregnancies, right where they are: online. These women often find themselves in moments of crisis, whether it's the dead of night or during their daily routines, and they need compassionate guidance. That's where our 24-hour nurse chat-line steps in, offering love and truth precisely when it's needed most.

Since Infinite Worth Nurses started texting 5 months ago , Infinite Worth has facilitated over 7,000 interactions, with a significant portion involving abortion-minded women. One unforgettable conversation took place in the middle of the night when a young girl, uncertain about her pregnancy status, confided in one of our nurses. She expressed her fear of talking to her mother and her overall uncertainty. During their conversation, the nurse provided invaluable support, and the young girl ended with a heartfelt "Thank you so much for just being here for me." Later, the nurse shared her feeling of being a guiding light in the darkness for her. Without our nurse's presence, this young woman would have faced her predicament alone.

The connections formed with our nurses extend to our local partners, pregnancy resource centers in her vicinity. We believe that these chats foster a "pre-appointment" relationship, and some of our centers have witnessed up to an 80% reduction in no-show rates.

At Infinite Worth, our mission is clear: we aim to redirect the decisions of those determined to pursue abortion, offering them knowledge and instilling hope. The ability to converse with a nurse in a safe, confidential environment marks the beginning of this journey. As the truth is shared with love, fear diminishes, and women begin to realize they are not alone.

In the past 5 months, Infinite Worth has grown beyond our expectations, and we have ambitious plans to expand further, adding more nurses and extending our reach to additional states in the near future. We invite you to join us in prayer for a few crucial needs as we continue our ministry's growth:

Funds: A flight of six nurses can serve approximately 50 centers, but launching each flight requires $400,000. Nurses: Our unique nurse chat service demands individuals who believe they are called to fight for life in this way.

We firmly believe that both mother and child possess infinite worth, and we are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share this message of love, support, and hope.

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