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You can save a life every hour of everyday by sponsoring a Pregnancy Center for just $8400 a year or 97 cent a hour.  By sponsoring you enable the Infinite Worth First Responders 24/7 Nurse chat to support the vital life saving work of the local Pregnancy center.

Infinite Worth, backed by a $575,000 gift from Heritage House, has already impacted 136 centers across 26 states, engaging over 20,000 clients, including 11,000 vulnerable women considering abortion. 

With your support, we can provide free, round-the-clock nurse chat services to these centers. Your contribution could significantly increase the number of abortion-minded women making appointments, thus empowering these centers to guide them towards life-affirming choices.  

By sponsoring a center, you'll enable them to offer crucial support without the financial burden of employing five nurses to cover the chatline. Together, we can make a profound impact and lower the collective cost. 

Our data reveals that more than 50% of chat conversations occur after standard operating hours, resulting in increased appointments and higher retention rates among vulnerable women seeking help in their time of need. 

Several centers have reported up to a fivefold increase in clients keeping their appointments and choosing life, largely attributed to increased web traffic and engagement with Gen Z audiences. This targeted approach has proven to be the most cost-effective method in reaching abortion-determined women with life-saving services. 

By contributing just $8400, you become a vital support system for these centers, enabling the Infinite Worth Nurse First Responders to continue their life-saving work. With over 1000 centers eagerly awaiting funding, your assistance today could be a critical step in reaching more abortion-determined women and guiding them towards life-affirming choices.  

Statistics from Pregnancy Centers across the country reveal that over 80% of abortion-determined women, upon receiving an ultrasound, choose life. Our goal is to ensure that these women find their way to these centers amidst the sea of misinformation on the internet. 

We have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach over the past several months. Join us today in sponsoring a center and become a catalyst for positive change.  

You will be saving women and babies from the pain of abortion! 

To save lives every hour of everyday call or e-mail me and ask about sponsoring a center near you today! 

Working with you to save lives,

Rachel Owen CEO 


P.S. We have a center in New Hampshire that needs funding. Will you help? Every little bit helps!

Give today!

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