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We are overjoyed to share a heartwarming testimony from this week – a testament to the life-changing work at one of our partner centers in South Florida, specifically on their mobile medical center.

One of our compassionate Infinite Worth first responder nurses engaged with a client who was initially fearful considering abortion and helped her schedule an appointment.  Through their dedication and care, this client, touched by the powerful experience of witnessing her baby's heartbeat and image on the ultrasound, chose life. What makes this testimony even more remarkable is that she not only chose life but also embraced a newfound faith. On the mobile unit, she prayed to receive Jesus Christ and dedicated her life to the Lord.


These transformative moments highlight the profound impact of our work, and we're grateful for your continued support in making stories like these possible."


We find ourselves repeating these incredible stories daily, and yet, each one remains as fresh and inspiring as the first. It's a continuous cycle of hope, reminiscent of the angels rejoicing over a soul won for the Lord.


Your support is the driving force behind these transformative moments. You play a pivotal role in saving lives for eternity and rescuing mothers and children from the pain of abortion. Every life holds Infinite Worth, and we are immensely grateful for your unwavering commitment to making a difference.


Together, we celebrate the joyous victories and the profound impact of each saved life.




With admiration and appreciation,



Rachel Owen CEO of Infinite Worth


P.S. If you would like to support this amazing ministry, partner with us today and you will have the blessing of storing up riches (lives) in heaven!


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P.P.S. If you help run a Pregnancy Center that would like to partner with our incredible nurses, we would love to partner with you! Just give me a call at 319-541-4241 or email me at


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