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At the tender age of 18...

Recently, one of our team members, engrossed in an Amazon movie night with her little ones saw an add pop up offering the abortion pill with a simple online order. This scenario mirrors the common search pattern of the 18-year-old, who, like many others, had turned to the web in pursuit of answers. Fortunately, she discovered our widget on a pregnancy center website, encouraging her to "Chat with a live nurse right now!"

Nurse Hannah, navigating her first day on the job under the watchful guidance of her manager. This initial period involves a structured training approach, with new nurses participating in supervised chats for several weeks until they are deemed ready to handle the responsibility independently.

In her second chat, Nurse Hannah encountered the 18-year-old seeking an abortion pill online. Instead of merely providing information, she engaged in a compassionate conversation about the significance of undergoing an ultrasound before making any decisions. Nurse Hannah's support extended beyond words, as she facilitated the young woman's access to an ultrasound that very day. The follow up call from the center delivered heartening news – the young woman had chosen life for herself and the precious life growing within her womb.

Overwhelmed by the impact of this interaction, Nurse Hannah reflected on the power of the chat, realizing she had played a pivotal role in saving a woman and child from the physical and emotional pain of abortion. Her first shift concluded with tears of joy, an overflow of excitement, and a deep sense of blessing for her newfound position, saving lives every hour of every day.

Today, we invite you to consider supporting our dedicated nurses. Your contributions will ensure they remain available for those vulnerable moments when someone is searching for an abortion pill online. Our nurses not only need financial support but also your prayers to continue their compassionate work.

With admiration and appreciation,

Rachel Owen CEO

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