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She Was Living In Her Car

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

She found herself in a challenging situation, living out of her car and going hungry for days. One morning, as she struggled to wake up from an uneasy rest in the back seat, she was burdened by overwhelming grief and depression. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, she felt a kick from the baby growing inside her womb, tears welled up in her eyes as she fumbled to locate her cell phone. She knew that today, she had to make the difficult decision to get an abortion, as she couldn't imagine raising a child under such circumstances.

Scrolling through options for women's clinics, she stumbled upon a pregnancy center that offered a live nurse chat with compassionate individuals available to help immediately. The message read, "Chat with a real human right now," which provided a glimmer of hope. She had been isolated and depressed for days, and the prospect of talking to a caring nurse sounded comforting.

With a single click, she reached out and candidly asked if someone could assist her with obtaining an abortion and finding shelter. The nurse responded with empathy, initiating the process of finding her a safe place to live. Nurse told her she couldn't offer assistance with a termination, but she offered an ultrasound and an appointment for options counseling. She didn’t want options counseling she wanted an abortion, but the nurse asked if she could check in with her the next day and she said she could.

The next day, as she awoke in her car, she received a text from the nurse. It read that she had located a place for her to eat and stay, and was even searching for a maternity home with an available spot. This daily support continued for two weeks, with the nurse checking in on her without any pressure, simply to see if she was alright and if she wanted to talk.

Through this connection, a bond formed between the young mother and the nurse during her darkest hours. The nurse helped her secure shelter through a local pregnancy center that was not one of Infinite Worth's partner centers, as the nearest partner center was eight hours away. After many days of unconditional support she made an ultrasound appointment for options.

The last update revealed her intention to continue the pregnancy and stay in a maternity home. Her journey ahead is a long and challenging one, and she will need the support of compassionate pro-life believers all along the way. A prayer for her strength and resilience is deeply appreciated.

The Infinite Worth nurse chat line played a crucial role in her story, reaching out to her when she needed it most, right where she was, sleeping in her car. Will you consider supporting a chat like this today?

For just $25 a month, you can help fund conversations like these, reaching mothers in their moments of crisis and guiding them towards the help they so desperately need.

Join us in reaching out to them first, extending a hand of compassion and support in their times of uncertainty. Your support can make a significant difference in their journey.

Together we can Reach Her First !

With Ardent Admiration and Appreciation,

Rachel Owen

Infinite Worth CEO

Psalm 127

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