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Top 10 best Pro-life Organizations to Donate To

When it comes to supporting pro-life organizations, determining the most impactful places to donate is very important. It's essential to ensure that your contribution genuinely aids women in making a life-giving decision to ultimately save lives. In light of this, we've compiled a list of amazing pro-life national organizations for you to consider.

Infinite Worth In a world where immediate information and decisions are at our fingertips, it's essential to provide timely support and guidance for women facing unexpected pregnancies. At Infinite Worth, we understand the urgency and emotional turmoil of such moments. Through our dedicated 24-hour nurse chat-line, we aim to be that comforting voice, offering understanding, accurate information, and a bridge to local resources, especially in the critical moments when they're considering abortion. Let's delve deeper into how this system works and how you can play a pivotal role in this life-affirming mission.

Women in unexpected pregnancies need immediate information and support. Our 24-hour nurse chat-line provides love and truth in the moment they need it most. The connection created is transferred to our local partners to help them continue their decision for life in a supportive environment.

Infinite Worth creates relationships via text and phone calls between nurses and those considering abortion. Our pro-life nurse text line is available 24-hours a day 7 days a week providing care, referrals, and accurate information that empowers women to make the choice for life.

Abortion pills are available by mail in every state; the need to reach women in the moment of decisions on their phones has never been greater. Infinite worth is creating a nurse chat line to reach the hearts, minds and souls of those facing this difficult decision. Our trained nurses answer texts from around the nation with love, concern and information that will make a difference. We work with local pregnancy centers to provide ongoing care and ensure that each client is loved and helped in every way possible.

Women are able to find our chat because we partner with hundreds of pregnancy centers and answer their on-line chats for them when they are unable to be open. We need your help to provide this service. Please feel encouraged to donate the amount God is telling you to donate.

Donate to Infinite Worth to help save lots and lots of lives! Your generosity can make a world of difference; please consider donating today to help us

continue our mission and support women in their time of need.

Save the Storks Save the Storks is an organization rooted in compassion, education, and holistic care, dedicated to cultivating a narrative of hope and empowerment for women grappling with unplanned pregnancies. Distinct from prevalent narratives, they strive to touch the hearts of these women and educate them about all available options, ensuring they realize they aren't isolated in their journeys. Their ethos revolves around the belief that by enveloping women with comprehensive care, support, and education, they can inspire choices that not only elevate the woman's life but also that of her unborn child. This approach consequently nurtures a culture that reveres and values every life. At its core, Save the Storks believes in the intrinsic value of life, starting from conception, and recognizes the profound and often unspoken impacts of abortion. They emphasize the importance of presenting informed choices, understanding that many women resort to abortion out of crises and perceived lack of alternatives. By offering a loving, compassionate hand, they aim to not only transform the life trajectories of these women but also empower them to embrace life for their children. Their ultimate aspiration is to engender a societal shift, fostering a culture that cherishes life, with changed behaviors stemming from transformed hearts and minds.

Preborn PreBorn! stands as a fervent non-profit, pro-life entity, actively supporting pregnancy clinics that aim to reach and assist women contemplating abortion, especially in regions marked by high abortion frequencies. Their modus operandi is distinct, leveraging sophisticated digital marketing techniques to reach out to such women, and presenting them with complimentary ultrasounds and unwavering support. Additionally, PreBorn! provides indispensable grants to these pregnancy clinics, enabling the acquisition of advanced ultrasound equipment, comprehensive evangelism training, and an array of crucial resources. A hallmark of their service is the provision of all assistance, within the PreBorn! Pregnancy Network, to expectant mothers free of charge, underscoring their profound dedication to the sanctity of life. At its heart, every endeavor of PreBorn! is fueled by an earnest desire to further the gospel of Jesus Christ and exalt the glory of God.

Students for Life In 2006, Kristan Hawkins launched Students for Life of America, which rapidly grew with the mission of abolishing abortion and has since become a leading pro-life advocacy organization, widely recognized for its significant influence, large staff, and presence of young advocates proudly showcasing their "I am the Pro-Life Generation" signs at events.

Sidewalk Advocates Sidewalk Advocates is a committed organization with a vision to establish a peaceful, prayerful, and loving outreach outside every abortion and abortion-referral facility, both within the U.S. and internationally. Their primary goal is to steer individuals towards life-affirming alternatives, with an overarching objective to end abortion. The mission that propels them is the training, equipping, and supporting of communities worldwide in the act of sidewalk advocacy. They aim to embody the teachings and love of Christ, offering compassionate alternatives at abortion venues. Drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, the essence of love forms the core of their outreach. Their foundational values emphasize being Christ-centered, promoting love, affirming life, maintaining peace, relying on prayer, adhering to the law, practicing servant-leadership, striving for excellence, and being victory-oriented. Every Sidewalk Advocate upholds these principles, unified in their mission to save lives and put an end to abortion.

Care Net Founded in 1975, Care Net is a nonprofit organization that champions life from conception. They provide alternatives to abortion through a vast network of 1,200 pregnancy centers and initiatives like the Pregnancy Decision Line. Additionally, Care Net focuses on promoting abundant life in Christ by nurturing motherhood, fatherhood, and marriage. Their impactful work has resulted in saving over 1 million babies and sharing the Gospel with 2.2 million parents. This commitment to a Pro Abundant Life approach makes them a highly recommended choice for donations.

Heartbeat International Heartbeat International boasts a global network of over 3,000 pro-life clinics. These clinics offer comprehensive support, ranging from ultrasounds to parenting classes and adoption coordination. The organization's mission is to ensure that no woman feels abortion is her only choice. With its commendable work, Heartbeat International is a worthy recipient of your donations.

Focus on the Family Focus on the Family operates the Ultrasound Program, which provides grants covering 80% of ultrasound machine costs or sonography training to eligible clinics. This support is complemented by pregnancy support videos and a commitment to collaborating with both new and long-standing clinics. By ensuring high-standard care for women, Focus on the Family plays a crucial role in the pro-life movement.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Founded in 1992 by Marjorie Dannenfelser and other pro-life women, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America has grown into a network of over a million members. The organization's goal is to end abortion through various means, including electing pro-life leaders, promoting female pro-life leadership, and enhancing policy research, voter education, and issue advocacy. This organization draws inspiration from the abortion-opposing suffragette, Susan B. Anthony.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) The Charlotte Lozier Institute stands as America's premier institution for scientific, medical, and statistical insights on the inherent value of human life. Emphasizing a profound public understanding of life-affirming principles, CLI draws on the expertise of over 70 scholars. They pioneer research that resonates in public forums, legal venues, and with the broader American populace. From detailing state-specific abortion statistics to underscoring the unique journey of human development from conception, the Institute dedicates itself to providing comprehensive research, resources, and data that serve to enlighten, inform, and inspire discourse on life-centric matters.

The ProLife Team Podcast For those seeking more information and resources in the realm of pro-life advocacy, The ProLife Team Podcast is a valuable source. This podcast offers insights into various pro-life organizations and their efforts. Related links:

As you consider where to donate, please reflect on the following factors:

  • Who is God calling you to donate to? Listen and take note.

  • How much is God calling you to donate? Be generous.

  • How often is God asking you to donate? Be faithful.

Taking a moment for reflection and introspection can guide you in making thoughtful and heartfelt decisions about your charitable contributions. These decisions can have a profound impact on advancing a culture that values and protects life.

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