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Where do I start?

Updated: Mar 21

Where do I start? As a nurse in a center, it's so hard to balance time with patients and time spent on the phone attempting to book patients. To be able to pass off the "booking" and "assessment" piece of the puzzle to other equipped nurses enables me to focus more on the patients that are currently present. The fact that this amazing service is available 24 hours a day is incredible! 
~ Lauren at Choices Clinic

What do our Partners Pregnancy Centers and Clinics say about working with the Infinite Worth Nurse Chat Line...

Having nurses available 24/7 has allowed our potential patients to be taken care of immediately, and also has provided them with valuable information. Before this, potential patients would have to wait until the next business day for us to reach out to them, and, more often than not the conversation would end without being able to give them important information. Having the videos and having contact with these women in their moment of need has been a huge blessing.
​~ Julie at Woman to Woman Health Center

At this time we have partnered with over 160 centers across the US and we had over 20,000 interactions with potential clients for those centers. Many of our partner centers have seen a 30% increase in appointments being made, and being kept. Together we are saving LIVES every hour of everyday!

We are blessed to have such knowledgeable pro-life Christian nurses supporting our ministry and working side-by-side with us!
~ Becky at The Hope Clinic

We have 106 centers in the waiting that need funding. It takes $8,400 a year to fund a center for the 24/7 Pro-life Nurse Chat Line. Some are will be raising their own funds but we need  our supporters to help with sponsoring centers that don't have the extra funds for the Nurse chat line. Check out centers here that need sponsoring.

See more testimonies here

Help us partner with more centers and together we will be saving more lives every hour of everyday!

We appreciate your partnership in saving LIVES!

The Infinite Worth Team

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