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What is an Infinite Worth Ambassador

An Infinite Worth Ambassador helps spread HOPE to those in need, while sharing what God is doing through the 24/7 online nurse chat. 

Roles of the Infinite Worth Ambassador

  • H - Help us to reach more clients by sponsoring one monthly chat with a nurse for $25.

  • O - Outreach- Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog. Show your solidarity by liking and sharing our posts, spreading awareness of our mission.

  • P - Pray- Join our prayer network to support nurses and receive spiritual nourishment. By signing up, you'll be connected with a nurse to pray for and receive updates on how many clients they connect with. Prayer is the cornerstone of our mission, and as more individuals unite in prayer, our foundation grows stronger.

  • E - Engage- Illuminate the path of Infinite Worth. Share our story with your loved ones and find innovative ways to involve them. Consider hosting a virtual gathering where we can join you to share our mission and address any inquiries. Together, we can ignite transformation and inspire lasting change.

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To join this mission, fill out the link below and we will be in contact soon! 

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