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What is an Infinite Worth Ambassador

An Infinite Worth Ambassador helps spread the word about what God is doing through the 24/7 online nurse chat. As an Ambassador you will:

  • GIVE - Become a monthly donor.  This mission receives its funding from individuals who share our vision and support us by contributing to it.

  • PRAY - You will receive a weekly text telling how many chats have been facilitated and any special prayer needs for clients or our nurses. Prayer forms the bedrock of our mission, and as more people join us in prayer, our foundation grows stronger.

  • SHARE - Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram.  Show your support by liking and sharing our posts, allowing your friends to discover Infinite Worth.

  • ENVISION - Spread the word about Infinite Worth among your friends and encourage them to engage with us. You could even host a "Zoom Dessert" event. Simply invite 2 or 3 couples over, and we'll send your favorite dessert. While you all enjoy the gathering, we'll join in via Zoom to share about Infinite Worth and ways they can participate.

We even have some fun Ambassador "extras" just for you. When you sign up to be an Ambassador we will send you an Infinite Worth t-shirt and other things, periodically, to keep you informed and excited about what God is doing through our 24/7 nurse chat.


To sign up fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon!

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