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You are truly saving lives!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

"I was so excited to incorporate the Infinite Worth hotline into our practice believing that we were missing a good percentage of vulnerable clientele. It was true. In 2022 we had 3 ABM/ABV clients the entire year. Already this year in 2023 we have had 20. In 2022 we averaged 4 PTs a month. This year we are averaging 6 PTs a month. I am so thankful for Infinite Worth and the service they provide. You are truly saving lives!"

~Julie at Costal Pregnancy Center SC

The nurses are so compassionate and knowledgeable. By reading the nurses' conversations, we are learning a lot about how to approach callers who are facing such traumatic life situations. This is improving our interactions with clients in our offices and those we talk with by phone, as well. The nurses are such a blessing!

~Becky Faul at Hope Center

I am so excited about the incredible success of adding the 24/7 nurse chat to our website. Prior to having the nurse chat available, we were seeing mostly life-minded women and had a very high rate of "no-shows". After implementing changes to our SEO as well as adding the Nurse Chat feature, we have seen an explosion of abortion-minded clients on the chat. The dedicated nurses answering the difficult questions coming from these girls, creating trust assisting them to make an appointment for a pregnancy test and ultrasound before turning to the abortion clinic has been beautiful to watch. Being able to observe the texts between client and nurse has been both educational for our nursing staff as well as allowing us to prepare for that client prior to her appointment.

We have also been able to utilize the Nurse Chat after an AM client leaves to continue the relationship and stay in contact for future visits. For some of our clients, the decision-making about their pregnancy takes between 2 and 3 weeks and it is vital that she is able to reach out and continue the counseling with our nurses or the 24-hour nurse chat nurses during this critical time.

Since August of this year, we have seen a 300% increase in AM clients over the same period last year. Our No-Show rate has been reduced dramatically. And today as I run the numbers for the month of October, we had 56 chats with clients, 19 appointments made at one of our clinics or another PRC closer to that client. 11 of those clients kept their appointment at one of our clinics and we had 7 confirmed moms that are choosing life. All in just one month!

I am so grateful for Infinite Worth, for its team of caring nurses and their dedication to reaching her first! There is no more critical time than now, to be providing caring help to young women in crisis AT the moment of the crisis, not just when our clinic doors are open. Together we are saving baby's lives and saving young women from the devastating heartbreak of abortion.

Pam Stenzel, MFT

Client Services Director

Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc.

I am Rachel Owen, CEO of the Infinite Worth. Having spent many years as an executive director of several pregnancy medical clinics, I understand the love and passion that you put into your jobs every day. I also know the challenges that come with managing the politics of boards, volunteers, staff, and donors. That's why when Brandon Monahan of Heritage House asked me to join him on an adventure to create a 24-hour pro-life chat line that would support Pregnancy centers, I said would love to help make that happen.

Our goal is to rally around pregnancy centers, large and small, and provide them with a free resource that will help them take their service and care to the next level for today's Gen Z. Brandon's tool is second to none, with videos that are specifically targeted to Gen Z in a YouTube fashion. We created this service to bless you and make your jobs easier, which is why I am writing to invite you to join us on this journey. This free service is available on the Hope Sync platform.

By partnering with us, we can take the pro-life pregnancy center ministries to the next generation.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Rachel Owen

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